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Watch us on YouTube and Now Explore Horse Quest 1 Yourself

We’re celebrating 100 500 750 2,000+! subscribers on our Point Rider Minecraft YouTube Channel!

It’s been a fun ride so far and it means a lot to us that so may of you have joined us again and again for our adventures.  As our way of saying Thank You! we’ve packaged up the Horse Quest 1 World for Minecraft 1.7.4.

DOWNLOAD>>>  Point Rider Horse Quest 1 World and Join the Adventure! Horse Quest Season 1 Download

Note: the file is is kinda big – 95 mb so start the download and go make popcorn or something.  It’s compressed in .zip format, but when you’ve explored this much ground, you know it’s gonna be LARGE! (But worth the wait)

Need it in .rar format? Let us know and we can add that option as well.

Let’s Ride!


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